The ROOMIE UK hotel guest engagement app is being marketed by Hotel Technology International Limited, web address  www.hotel-tech.com, on behalf of ROOMIE hospitality a subsidiary of Selecttv. The latter is a global company offering innovative hospitality solutions and services. Since 1998, Selectv has been instrumental in shaping guest engagement technologies in the Hotel, Healthcare and Cruise markets. ROOMIE is the brainchild of nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry involving guest technologies, content and services.

Hotel Technology International is delighted to be partnering with ROOMIE to promote its services in the UK. As  a key supplier of communications and technology solutions to the hospitality industry, Hotel Technology International is confident that ROOMIE provides hotels with a low-cost solution to improve communication with guests, drive engagement and ultimately improve revenues.

What is ROOMIE?

THe ROOMIE UK hotel guest engagement app is a fully branded and customised app to enhance your hotel guests in-room experience. The ROOMIE UK hotel guest engagement app provides guests with one-touch access to the latest Hollywood feature film releases, instant connection to your guest services, facilities and restaurants and provides guests with an interactive brochure to help them make the most of their visit.

Make your room service menu available on your guest’s mobile, so that you can take orders via the Roomie UK hotel guest engagement app and have them delivered straight to your guests’ room.

You can make it easy for guests to interact with your hotel services, so whether they’ve forgotten to pack the power adaptor, would like more toiletries, or need to make a spa booking, guests can do it all via the ROOMIE UK hotel guest engagement app on their mobile phone.

Guests can watch the latest movies from the ROOMIE UK library directly on their mobile. This is a smart way of offering guests enhanced entertainment without the need for costly pay TV contracts.

Guests can stream or cast any video content they want from their phone to the hotel smart TV.  and view their favorite content on the hotel room TV screen.

You can make your full guest book available via the Roomie UK hotel guest engagement app, and even go that bit further by offering useful information about the local area. Provide information on hotels, restaurants, services, tours and nearby attractions conveniently.

Empower guests buy providing them with the latest hotel  deals & special offers available.

How the ROOMIE UK hotel guest engagement app delivers more.